Pay Per Click marketing (PPC) is one of the fastest ways to generate sales and leads.

We have a proven track record when it comes to pay per click marketing. Our PPC team develops a list of keywords that best represent your products or services. After writing target ads that match those keywords, we then upload the ads to major search engines. Your ad will appear in the sponsored links section whenever someone searches those keywords. Searchers click on your ads and are directed to your website, where they could become a potential paying customer. Because PPC is easy to track, you can see where your visitors are coming from, what they do once they get to your site, and which visits turned into actual sales. All of this information allows us to make your PPC campaign even more efficient!

Why choose Addison Clark to manage your PPC program?

Pay per click is a simple idea, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to execute. A successful campaign requires constant keyword management, research, and monitoring. At Addison Clark, our PPC team has extensive experience in pay per click marketing and consistently delivers strong results. We will guide you through your campaign’s strategy and summary of results but, more importantly, we can focus on the marketing while you focus on running your business.