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Grace Garvey

Account Manager | Marketing Specialist | Outdoor Enthusiast

  • Has a blue birthmark on her forehead that most people mistake for marker, pool chalk, or a bruise
  • Sings really loud (and tries) when no one is around
  • Ran two half marathons last year
  • Her baseball walk-up song would be Where Is My Mind? - The Pixies

Grace was born and raised in Wintergreen, Virginia where she developed her love for skiing. She moved to the Richmond area after graduating from James Madison University with a degree in Creative Advertising. As a self-proclaimed advertising nerd, Grace loves working in the industry and learning all she can. Her favorite thing about being an Account Manager at Addison Clark is building relationships with clients and being a part of every step of a project. When she’s not in Richmond, Grace enjoys traveling to Idaho or Wyoming to hike, ski, and revel in the great outdoors. In her spare time, she loves running and a good happy hour deal.

Learn more about Grace on her LinkedIn.

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