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Mitch Vaile

Videographer | Editor | Brownie Connoisseur

  • Self-taught ukulelist and drummer (not at the same time though)
  • Former D1 Broomball Goalie
  • Taught his family's dog how to sneeze on command
  • His baseball walk-up song would be Sweet Victory - David Glen Eisley

Mitch is a gentle giant who loves people. Although he doesn't have a dog of his own, he's the proud uncle to many pups. Mitch joined the team at Addison Clark in late 2021 as a videographer and editor. He's a motivated individual who took his autodidactic abilities of shooting and editing video to a new level. After graduating from Liberty University with a degree in Digital Media and Communication Arts, Mitch has worked in Richmond's creative community for clients like Walmart, GEICO, and Discover.

Learn more about Mitch on his LinkedIn page.

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