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Long live snail mail.

Online and email communications are very prevalent today, but businesses shouldn’t underestimate the power of good old direct mail. 39% of customers will try a business for the first time because of direct mail advertising and over 60% of direct mail recipients will visit a promoted website.

Whether you want to distribute a newsletter, or announce a new product or service, a direct mail marketing campaign can be an effective complement to your online efforts. Direct mail marketing is successful because it allows you to pinpoint the exact market you want to reach and then place your message directly into their hands. While email may be easy to ignore, most people actually open envelopes!

Some other advantages to direct mail marketing include:

  • It boosts brand recognition
  • It can be highly selected, targeted, and personalized
  • It is flexible and scalable
  • It is easily measurable


Why choose Addison Clark to design and manage your direct mail program?

Our creative team can help you design direct mail pieces that present your message in a creative way. We take pride in designing and printing high quality marketing collateral that work for your business by inspiring action from consumers.

Whether you’re sending something as small as a postcard or as detailed as a catalog, we can coordinate your direct mail marketing campaign from conception to completion.

The Rundown

  • The Rundown: Direct Mail

    The Rundown: Direct Mail

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