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Pinterest is a great place to show off your products, services and company culture, but it is important that you keep the page from growing stale. Here are some quick and easy ways you can optimize your page to get better results!

1. Include keywords in your pin descriptions.
When people search for something in Pinterest, your pins have a better chance of showing up if the description includes relevant keywords. The next time you hit the 'Pin It' button, make sure the description accurately represents the pin and includes keywords that people are likely to search.

Tip: Pinterest recently shared a surprisingly fact -- longer descriptions actually outperform shorter ones.

2. The best board position is the middle of the first row.
This is a great place to feature a board of your products or services. You can easily move your boards around by clicking and dragging them to the position you want.

Tip: Because this will be your most prominent board, make sure it has a decent amount of pins, a board description, and an eye-catching board cover.

3. Pull fresh boards to the top in order to increase viewership.
When you create new boards, they are automatically placed at the very bottom. It's up to you to pull them to the top where they will be more likely to be seen.

Tip: Keep your board in "Secret" mode until you're ready to share them. This will allow you time to build the number of pins on them.

4. Avoid clogging up your followers' feeds with a "pin-dump". Instead, pin at different times during the day so your content is scattered through your followers' feeds.

Tip: It's recommended that you post twice daily. Mornings and late evening are said to be the best time frames for pinning.

5. Add a relevant hashtag to your pin descriptions.
Just like on Twitter and Facebook, hashtags have also invaded Pinterest-land. A relevant hashtag can increase the chances of your pin being found in a Pinterest search.

Tip: On Pinterest, hashtags are only clickable and searchable in pin descriptions. They do not work on board titles or board descriptions.

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