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At Addison Clark, we work with some really cool companies who are doing awesome things in the Richmond area and beyond. It seemed only fitting that we spotlight these wonderful clients of ours so you can get to know them as well! This week, we are featuring our client Murphy Business & Financial, a business brokerage firm led by Michael Metzger. Metzger provides incredibly helpful services to small to mid-market businesses in the Richmond area, although many business owners have no idea what a business broker is and why they would ever need one. We are excited to share the word about Michael's services because we think they hold serious value for many businesses in our community.

 What exactly is a business broker? Mike Metzger is a financial professional who helps business owners sell their businesses, a surprisingly complicated undertaking. There are several things that Metzger is able to help with during this process, including valuing the business to determine the right price without over or under pricing it. He also assists with pre-screening potential buyers and facilitating the transaction once a suitable buyer has been found.

In addition to selling businesses, Metzger also helps individuals who are interested in buying a business. By educating potential buyers on the current market and providing sound advice during the due diligence process, Metzger has helped numerous people find and purchase businesses they are passionate about.

Some background: Mike Metzger has more than 25 years of leadership, operational management, and executive-level experience with Fortune 500 companies. He prides himself on executing transactions for small to mid-market business owners in the most professional, ethical, and efficient way possible. Before opening the Murphy Business office in Richmond, Metzger served in several corporate roles including Vice President in the credit card division of Capital One, and Global Operations Controller for Genworth. Before that, he was flying anti-submarine helicopters from aircrafts in the Mediterranean Sea for the United States Navy.

Interesting fact: According to Metzger, we are at the cusp of the baby boomer retirement wave, meaning the largest transfer of wealth in human history will be taking place in the next 10-15 years. As more business owners reach retirement age and are ready to sell their businesses, services like those offered through Murphy Business & Financial will become increasingly valuable. With Metzger's help, small business owners don't have to navigate the cloudy waters of selling a business alone. With the powerful resources of Murphy Business & Financial behind him, Metzger is the guy you want on your side when you are ready to sell your business.

For more information on Murphy Business & Financial, and Mike Metzger's services, visit his website and check out his YouTube channel. You can also learn about businesses for sale and interesting industry news on his Facebook page.

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