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Simply creating an awesome e-commerce website isn't a guarantee of sales. Despite web development best practices, you still need a marketing plan in place in order to drive traffic and sales to your online shop. If you're looking for ways to get more customers to your store, try these marketing tactics:


1. Invest in PPC marketing.
Paying for traffic is one of the fastest ways to increase sales on your e-commerce site. With PPC marketing, you can show your product ads to a person at the exact moment they are searching for something similar. This increases the likelihood of a sale since you're catching them at the moment when they're looking for your product. 

2. Reduce the number of abandoned carts.
Did you know that 75.6% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the check-out process is complete? There are several reasons why this happens, but the main fact is you are losing a large portion of potential sales! To help reduce this number, consider implementing an automated email campaign that reminds customers to complete their purchase. 

Cart abandonment emails have a reported open rate of 46.1% and a click-through-rate of 13.3%. Of those who click through, 35% end up buying something. Often, people abandon carts because they are simply browsing and not yet ready to purchase. In these cases, a simple reminder email may be just the nudge they need. Other common causes of cart abandonment are shipping costs. This too can sometimes be remedied by offering a discount code in  your follow-up email.

3. Integrate Instagram with your shop.
A recent study found that brands receive 25% more engagement on Instagram than any other social media platform. If you have an online store, Instagram is a great platform to promote your products. As you build your following and engagement on Instagram, consider integrating your Instagram feed onto your online store. Whether prospective customers are on Instagram or not, an integrated feed allows them to see pictures of your product and an audience of engaged current customers, all of which adds legitimacy to your business.

4. Build an engaging email list.
Email marketing has been shown to outperform Facebook and Twitter when it comes to generating sales. This isn't surprising when you consider that email contacts have invited you into their inboxes — they actually want to hear from you! Building a quality email list is a great way to regularly engage with customers and drive more traffic to your e-commerce website. 

At the end of the day, it's e-commerce is about more than a good-looking website. It's important that you have an effective marketing strategy in place that will help drive traffic and generate sales. At Addison Clark, we provide e-commerce solutions designed to deliver results and accelerate sales growth. If you want to build an e-commerce store or develop a marketing strategy around your existing online store, let our team work for you!

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