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It’s that time of year again – the time of year for ugly Christmas sweaters, photos of crying infants sitting on Santa’s lap, and that one “Oh, crap” moment that you have when you realize you forgot to pick up a gift for the #1 person in your life. Ah, the holidays. Well, we’re here to spread a little holiday cheer to you! Check out the list that we compiled of the Five Holiday Moments of 2013 That Made Us Smile.

1. WestJet Airlines Makes Christmas Dreams Come True
These passengers were greeted by Santa at the gate leading into their flight. He asked each person what they wanted for Christmas. During the flight, WestJet workers and volunteers worked to fulfill each holiday wish. When the plane landed, the gifts were awaiting the passengers at baggage claim. This just goes to show you that a little bit of holiday magic can go a long way! Be sure to view the video capturing the big reveal – you might want to grab a tissue or two.

2. A Child's Christmas List - Old and New
Ever wonder what the kids asked Santa for in 1915? Find out here. Ever wonder what kids ask for nowadays? Well, this 7-year-old certainly knows what she wants - even if her list is a bit extravagant. I mean, how many North Face coats do you need, sweetie? My, how times have changed!

3. A Christmas Story Turns 30
This movie has become a classic - there are so many awesome lines and hilarious moments! How many other movies do they show on repeat for the full day of Christmas? A triple-dog dare never gets old.

4. An ASL Christmas Medley to Remember
Talk about spreading joy and happiness! This 5-year-old girl surprised her deaf parents by translating her entire Christmas pageant into American Sign Language so that they could understand the music (cue the "AWWWWW!").  You gotta admit - she's got moves!

5. Santa's Elves Rappel Down Side of Indiana Children's Hospital
Could you imagine being a 3-year-old, seeing elves just outside your window? How awesome would that be?! And the fact that these kids probably won't get to visit home for the holidays just makes the gesture even sweeter.

BONUS: Just for Jocy) - the wish list of a 10-month-old baby. This is 100% accurate (and 110% hilarious). Which of these holiday moments from 2013 made you smile the most? Let us know on Facebook!

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