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Believe it or not, you’d be surprised at the number of websites that receive zero organic traffic over their lifespan. Roughly 90% - that’s right, the majority of sites by a landslide never receive a single organic visit. So, if your website has some organic traffic you are in much better shape than most sites across the span of the internet. If you still want to work to improve your organic traffic reach, here are four things to improve your visibility in the eyes of the world wide web to enhance your organic standing.

  1. Include backlinks to your site. What’s a backlink you ask? It is a way for your website to be connected to another and vice versa. This enhances the visibility your website can reach through being connected to larger audiences as a reference on another page.
  2. Ensuring your topic and content have long-term traffic potential. This point seems pretty straightforward, but you want your content to contain something of interest to the public. If you don’t have anything worth searching Google won’t let you appear in search results.
  3. Make sure that search intent is aligned with page content. With some correlation to tip two, it’s important to make sure the front and back ends of your website are aligned and relevant to each other and search population.
  4. Check to make sure all of your pages are indexed. Bottom line, Google can’t rank a page if it doesn’t exist, and if it isn’t indexed it doesn’t exist.

If your site is doing all of these things you should be appearing in relevant search results leading to higher impact for organic traffic reach. If you have questions about improving your organic reach and SEO strategy, contact Addison Clark today!

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