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So you have a killer website that is live and ready to show off to the world. Now what? Ideally, you've got a marketing plan in place to start driving traffic to the website. That's when the real work begins. 

Let's say, as an example: You've launched your site, and you have a social media campaign, a PPC campaign, and some digital ads in place to get clicks over to the website. How are you going to know if these marketing techniques are working? The answer lies in the numbers found in your analytics program.

Using the data you can collect through analytics, you can learn about your audience. Having a thorough understanding about your customers will help you optimize the website to better suit their needs. This simultaneously builds your relationship with consumers, while building your brand to attract new customers.

Some metrics to consider as you are examining your website's analytics:

  • Users: The number of unique individuals that visited your website — pretty self-explanatory, gives you the volume of traffic on the site
  • Pages Viewed: Report that shows the most viewed pages throughout the entire site — this will give you an idea of the traffic pattern once a customer is on your site, and tells you want content they are looking at most
  • Mobile Traffic Data: View the percentage of data that is coming to your site through desktop, mobile, or tablets — gives you a better understanding of the device you need to focus on when optimizing your website
  • Acquisition: How the traffic got to your site (paid ads, organic traffic, direct, social media) — shows you the most effective marketing channels, can help guide your ongoing strategy
  • Conversions: The number of calls, link clicks, or forms submitted — tells you how engaged your audience is, and how often they are taking action

There are many more metrics to review — too many to list here! As self-proclaimed "data nerds", we are here to help you make sense of the analytics on your site. Call us today to get started. 

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