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The holidays are always a heartwarming and busy time of year, and while it is important to implement a marketing strategy for your business all year long, making sure that a holiday strategy is implemented during these winter months is critical. It ensures that your business stays top of mind with consumers, no matter your business. Here are five tips to stay engaged and relevant to your targeted audience during the holiday season:

1. Partner with a local charity
Not only does this show your support to a good cause, but it also shows your business's commitment to community engagement. This is also an opportunity to show your customers what is important to you. Whether it be donating a percentage of holiday profits, or donating a product or service your business offers, it integrates your business within the community and encourages consumers to do business with you because of your values and mission. Plus, you get the benefit of knowing you're helping your community during the holidays! 

2. Create unique holiday value propositions
Value propositions are what make your business unique. It's what sets you apart from your competitors and is a driving factor of why consumers choose you. When shopping for a loved one, many people seek to find something that solves a problem, fulfills a need, or provides a sense of enjoyment. Being clear with your value propositions and explaining how your product or services accomplish those things is a great way to connect with shoppers during the holiday season.

3. Participate in Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales
It’s common knowledge that consumers are prepared to spend money on these days of the year and opting out of participating by not offering specials or sales is giving your competitors an opportunity to reach consumers that you could be capturing for yourself.

4. Include the holidays in social media
During this time of the year, incorporating some festive cheer throughout your social media platforms is a great way to increase engagement and encourage consumers to interact with your business. It is also a great platform to promote any additional holiday implementations your business is pursing – share your holiday propositions, take a picture to post at your charity’s drop off center, etc.

5. Send a cheerful holiday email directly to your audience
Reach your qualified audience directly! Whether it be including offers, providing updates on your business, or just wishing a happy holiday and thanking them for their support and business, email is a great way to connect directly with your customers, especially this time of year.

For more tips and information on implementing a successful holiday marketing strategy, reach out to Addison Clark today and we will be happy to assist you in reaching your goals!

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