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February 2022 Basic MarketingIt’s 2022 and there are countless new ways to go about marketing your products and services. Influencers, TikTok, Twitch, streaming services, the list goes on and on. While some of these new things can aid in a marketing strategy, it’s important to remember that traditional marketing is still pivotal to your overall strategy.


There is a reason traditional advertising tactics are still around – they work! What are these basic marketing platforms to keep in mind?

1. Print. Despite years of hearing “print is dead”, it isn’t. People are still subscribing to newspapers and magazines. People also still check their mail. Postcards and other mailed offers are still an effective marketing tool. While you may think you can reach those same customers through a digital ad, it’s simply not the same. Digital ads are everywhere. And while they are effective at reaching a large audience, that audience may not be ready to engage with your ad. Printed materials arriving directly in their mailbox has a better chance of being seen.

2. Billboards. Despite the rise in people working from home, people are back on the roads. And that means they are seeing billboards. Billboards have been effective marketing tools for decades. You get the opportunity to get everyone’s eyes on the road on your message. However, it’s important to keep your billboard simple. Simple, short messaging and a design that is easy it read are key components to a successful out-of-home strategy.

3. Broadcast Media. Yes, just like print, broadcast isn’t dead. People continue to tune into their local news programs, or their favorite shows. 3.8 million viewers tuned into the season premiere of The Bachelor according to stats from ABC. Commercials are still an important part of a marketing strategy. After all, isn’t that everyone’s favorite part of the Super Bowl? You can get a lot of information into a 30-second spot. It’s a great opportunity to tell your company’s story or promote a new product. Unlike billboards, commercials allow you to have a lengthier message to capture the audience’s attention.

We all like to see what the new marketing trends are, but remember to keep traditional tactics in mind as well when deciding where to invest your marketing dollars.

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