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john schnobrich FlPc9 VocJ4 unsplashSo, you’ve got Google reviews, now what? As people leave you reviews, it’s important to know what to do with them. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind!    

  • Don’t fear negative reviews, turn them into a positive.

Acknowledging negative reviews can be beneficial, not only for the customer that wrote the review but for others viewing it. Ignoring negative reviews and comments oftentimes makes it worse than it actually is. We recommend thinking about how you will handle negative reviews ahead of time, so you can quickly handle anything that comes up. It will go a long way as you continue to foster trust in current and future customers.

  • Share positive reviews across your marketing channels.

The same thing applies to positive reviews – make sure you acknowledge and thank the customer for sharing their experience. Another great strategy is to use the reviews you gather across other marketing channels. By adding positive reviews to your website, social media platforms, and in a video you are developing, you will continue to grow and build trust for your brand.

  • Continue asking for reviews from your customers.

Reviews will continue to be a pillar of your brand’s reputation. As you support your customers’ needs, don’t be afraid to ask for a review! Whether it’s on Google, Facebook, or a form on the website, it will go far in the long run.

Continue building brand trust by keeping these simple tips in mind! And, if you need support with customer reviews, reach out to Addison Clark. We can help you enhance your marketing strategy with customer reviews.

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