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spring cleaning

As the weather changes and flowers start to bloom, have you considered looking at your marketing strategy? While a strong brand strategy and consistency are important, shaking things up a bit can also be a good thing.

Here are few things to consider when it comes to "spring cleaning" your strategy:

Refresh your email marketing campaigns. Have you been sending your customers monthly emails? That’s great, but maybe it’s time to freshen up your email template. Review your data from the past year and see what links were clicked on, what subject lines received the best open rate, etc. and freshen up your email strategy based on that information.

Enhance your social media. If you have been stuck on 300 followers for the past 6 months, consider a page likes campaign on Facebook. Injecting some new page followers into your audience will bring new life to your social strategy and potentially drive new customers to your website.

Update your website's look. Have you had the same images on your site for a while? An easy way to refresh a website is by updating the imagery. If some of your pictures are seasonal and have snow on the ground, consider updating them to something more in line with the time of year.

Review your website content. Along the same lines, updating your copy is a great way to freshen up your website. There is no need for massive changes, but reviewing the content to make sure it is not out of date is another great way to give new life to your website. Think about facts and figures that may be outdated. Update your testimonials. Make sure your team page reflects the current staff.

Try something new. Another thing to consider is simply adding on to your marketing strategy. Maybe now is the time to try something new. How about Google Ads? Display Ads? An out of home ad? Adding something new to your marketing strategy is an awesome way to reach a new audience.

If you have questions about ways to spring clean your marketing strategy, give us a call today!

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