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The days may be hot and half your office may be on vacation, but that doesn't mean your marketing should cool off in the summer. While there is typically a bit of lag in sales during the summer season, that doesn't mean you want your customers to forget about you. 

Here are a few things you can do to stay top of mind with customers in the summer months:

1. Email Marketing — In this day and age, even when away from their desks, people are still constantly checking their email on their phones. Think about sending sales messages and general brand awareness messages intermittently throughout the summer. This way, you are still on the minds of your customers when they do need your goods or services. 

2. Paid Ads — While paid ads are a good option year-round, some people don't feel that they are worth it in the summer while people are checked out on vacation. But, just like with email marketing, a brand awareness paid advertising campaign can help you stay on your customer's radar even when they are sitting on a beach.

3. Social Media — Again, people are never without their phones these days and are constantly scrolling through their social accounts. Make sure to stay active on your social media platforms so your customers see your posts and think about your company throughout the summer months. 

If your struggling with a cohesive marketing strategy or looking for new marketing options, give us a call! Summer, winter, fall, or spring, our team is happy to help you solve business problems and produce measurable results!

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