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The holidays are right around the corner — is your business ready? It may seem early to start thinking about your holiday plan, but its best to get ahead of the game! Here are six things to start thinking about before the holidays:

1. Your website. Online holiday shopping peaks between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but even before those days arrive shoppers are browsing online and researching different products and brands. It is important that your website is prepared for the influx of visitors with a user-friendly experience and up-to-date content.

2. Print marketing. During the holidays, people expect to get mail pieces, so take advantage and make sure your print piece stands apart from the rest. Now is the time to start designing your direct mailer to give yourself enough time for printing and mailing before the holiday season. 

3. Digital advertising. You don't want to miss the seasonal promotional opportunities of the holidays! Make sure your digital ads are designed and ready ahead of time, so you don't have to rush. 

4. Email campaigns. During the holidays, people are always on the go. Having a solid email campaign to announce promotions and sales can be a great way to reach your audience any time of day. Settling on your email strategy now will make the holidays smoother for your marketing team.

5. Social media. Start planning your social media promotions now! Social media is the perfect place to reach your target audience, especially during the holidays when everyone is traveling. It is also a great place to influence buying decisions as many people make decisions based off what they see on social media.

6. Overall brand awareness. The fall months are a perfect time to ramp up brand awareness tactics in order to stay top of mind with consumers during the holidays.

When planning for the holidays, our best suggestion is to choose which channels make the most sense for your business promotions and focus your attention there. If you need help with planning and execution, Addison Clark is here to help!

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