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January 2022 Website Blog

A new website is an incremental tool to elevate your business. It’s how consumers interact with you and learn more about what you do and offer along with so much more. Having your website built or redesigned is the first step, but what comes after that? How do you get consumers to your new site to see all that your company has to offer? Well, here are three marketing initiatives that will help to increase traffic and visibility to your new site.

  1. Social Media: A social media campaign across preexisting platforms is an excellent place to start. This will leverage an already captive audience and encourage them to interact in the new space that is your website by clicking a link from your posts that will take them directly there! Promoting your new site through social media can come in many forms. Organic posts such as teasers and announcements encourage your audience to get excited and bought in before and after the initial site launch. Utilizing paid ads and boosting critical posts is another avenue to elevate your audience reach to get the word out regarding your new site.
  2. Email Announcements: Sending a curated message to a select audience via email announcing the launch of your new site is an excellent way to boost traffic to the site. This is another method to reach already qualified consumers who have some degree of vested interest in your company or product and are interested in learning more. Based on the nature of your audience you can break out messaging to creatively engage your audience with areas of your new site that are most applicable to them.
  3. Entice Consumers with an Offer: Everyone loves a deal, and depending on your business you can increase your engagement with the site through a special promotion only accessible through your new site. This will not only boost your website traffic levels but also lead to higher conversions and opportunities to create returning business.

Not sure where to begin or what strategy is best for your business? Contact Addison Clark! We are happy to assist you in any of your marketing needs – from strategy to implementation, we work to help you achieve your business goals.

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