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Having a strong, coherent marketing strategy lays the groundwork for success for any business. Developing a holiday marketing strategy for this upcoming holiday season is a whole step further — one that can pay off for most businesses. Though this may be an obvious suggestion, creating a holiday marketing strategy is a great way to drive your business' sales and increase its reach during the holidays. Here are a few tips to start:

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As the digital landscape expands, it’s no secret that audiences everywhere are becoming more and more aware of marketing strategies and how targeted ads are populated. As a result, it has become a complete necessity in the industry to incorporate integrity into your strategy.

Before proceeding, there’s one distinction that should be made clear: “marketing” and “advertising.” The general public may often use these terms interchangeably, but there is a key difference. An advertisement is a piece of media, whether digital or physical, that contains a reference to a potential transaction or another type of conversion. Marketing refers to an overall strategy of trying to promote one’s self, brand, etc.


Businesses often employ many different components and channels as a part of their marketing strategy. This is great since one option can rarely ever solve all of a business’s marketing challenges. It’s important to understand, however, that every component of a marketing strategy affects another. Each service is working towards a common goal and relies on each other a lot more than you may think.


We refer to ourselves at Addison Clark as a “full-service” marketing agency, but what exactly does that mean? To us, full-service means that we provide everything your business needs to develop a successful marketing strategy that produces measurable results.

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In today’s world, consumer-oriented marketing has become the norm. The question is no longer “What can the customer do for me?”, but rather “What can I do for the customer?” If you’re a business owner, the answer is satisfying your customers’ needs with your product or service. However, it isn’t just about what you can bring to the table – it’s how you talk about it.

john schnobrich FlPc9 VocJ4 unsplashSo, you’ve got Google reviews, now what? As people leave you reviews, it’s important to know what to do with them. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind!    


firmbee com SpVHcbuKi6E unsplashOnline reviews have been around for quite some time and yet their value continues to increase as consumers place more and more importance on them. 77% of consumers say they regularly read online reviews when browsing for local businesses. In addition to being a common source of buying research, they are also highly trusted with 79% of people saying they trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a family member.

February 2022 Basic MarketingIt’s 2022 and there are countless new ways to go about marketing your products and services. Influencers, TikTok, Twitch, streaming services, the list goes on and on. While some of these new things can aid in a marketing strategy, it’s important to remember that traditional marketing is still pivotal to your overall strategy.

January 2022 Website Blog

A new website is an incremental tool to elevate your business. It’s how consumers interact with you and learn more about what you do and offer along with so much more. Having your website built or redesigned is the first step, but what comes after that? How do you get consumers to your new site to see all that your company has to offer? Well, here are three marketing initiatives that will help to increase traffic and visibility to your new site.

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The holidays are always a heartwarming and busy time of year, and while it is important to implement a marketing strategy for your business all year long, making sure that a holiday strategy is implemented during these winter months is critical. It ensures that your business stays top of mind with consumers, no matter your business. Here are five tips to stay engaged and relevant to your targeted audience during the holiday season:

1. Partner with a local charity
Not only does this show your support to a good cause, but it also shows your business's commitment to community engagement. This is also an opportunity to show your customers what is important to you. Whether it be donating a percentage of holiday profits, or donating a product or service your business offers, it integrates your business within the community and encourages consumers to do business with you because of your values and mission. Plus, you get the benefit of knowing you're helping your community during the holidays! 

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