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Most social media platforms have some sort of paid advertising option these days. Facebook dominates the paid social landscape with over $28 billion in advertising dollars spent on the platform in 2018. There have been rumblings that the ad-spend growth is slowing on these platforms, but even with Facebook's recent scandals and in-the-news events, they still dwarf the ad spend for entire industries (like newspapers and magazines). 

Why you should invest in paid social
Investing your dollars into paid social advertising is a surefire way to increase your brand awareness, reach your target audience, and generate a decent, if not impressive, ROI. Other social media platforms have jumped on the pay-to-play train as well, including Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

The days of rapid organic growth are gone
Today, 86% of successful companies use Facebook ads or some sort of paid social media advertising. For brands who may be struggling to connect with an audience online, paid advertising can offer a crucial avenue for gaining visibility. The days of rapid organic growth are gone. Embracing paid social media ads will give your brand an edge in the marketplace and help to gain meaningful momentum online.

For example, a Facebook Likes Campaign is a great way to generate more followers on a Facebook Page. By utilizing Facebook's detailed targeting options, you can pinpoint the exact age group, location, and interests of your audience and then target ads to bring people who fit those criteria over to your Page. Not every person in that audience may become a customer, but there are endless advantages to cultivating a loyal brand following online. 

Embracing paid social may seem scary, but the reward is beneficial for any business — big or small. Interested in learning more or creating successful social campaigns for your company? Give us a call to discuss!


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