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LinkedIn is one of the best tools for making B2B connections. It is the most popular social network with Fortune 500 CEOs and 79% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation. However, simply having a LinkedIn profile is no longer enough. You need to stand out among the masses. 

Here are 3 tips for completing your LinkedIn profile and being seen:

1. Fill out your profile completely. Think of this as your directory listing and resume. The more complete your profile, the more legitimate you seem and the easier you are to find in searches. Go through each section — jobs, education, etc. — and fill them out with as much information as possible. 

2. Grow your connections. Connect with colleagues, peers, college friends, etc. Quality is important here, so don't go overboard. A good goal to start with is 500 connections. Think about who would add value to your feed, maybe industry influencers you can learn from. Adding a personalized message to your connection request always helps too.

3. Start using your LinkedIn. Share content, engage with other posts, and interact with others. The great news with this platform is that your posts reach 100% of your followers. Other social platforms are inundated with content and don't deliver most of your content to your followers. (Facebook only delivers 7% of business pages' content to their followers.) The more you start engaging and using LinkedIn, the more you will see the value in it.

LinkedIn is a great tool for any business professional and having a complete profile elevates your level of professionalism. People often search for new colleagues and business contacts on LinkedIn to get to know them before even meeting them. 

If you or your business needs help with LinkedIn, give us a call!

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