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As a small business, it can be difficult to stand out on social media. While larger, more recognizable brands can easily attract followers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, smaller businesses have to work harder to get their name out there and encourage interaction. There is a certain advantage, however, that small businesses have over larger brands when it comes to social media. They're local!

Large brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, and Oreo have fans from all over the world. As such, their content has to appeal to a wide variety of people. As a local business, your social media efforts can focus on locally appealing content that makes your brand more relatable to people in your community. You may not end up with millions of fans like the larger brands, but you will have a loyal following of locals.

Here are some easy ways for your business to keep it local on social media:

Sponsor a local event.
Show your fans that you are involved in the community by sponsoring a local event. Promote the event on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media platforms your business is on. Don't forget to link to other organizations that are associated with the event as well. This will help promote the event and further relationships in the community.

People love free stuff -- simple as that. Host giveaway contests on your social media pages for tickets to a local concert, coupons to a ice cream shop or movie tickets to a local theater. The ideas are endless!

Share exclusive discounts.
Post discounts and coupons on social media that your local fans can redeem in-store. You'll provide an incentive for people to follow you on social media and reward your loyal followers with exclusive deals.

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