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Got a minute? Check out our quick update on what's happening in the industry. 

After many years of unsuccessful growth, Google is shutting down their social network platform Google+. The news came after the discovery of data threat that left Google+ users' profile data exposed. 

Our Take: This move won't affect many people, because not many people were using Google+ as a social platform. If you were using Google+, you may want to check any accounts that were connected to the platform to make sure they are secure. 

Facebook Stories
Last week, Facebook hit a huge milestone: over 300 million people using Facebook Stories on a daily basis. The question is — should your brand be jumping on board?

Our Take: With the popularity of Instagram Stories, it's no wonder that Facebook has added this option to their platform. Whether your brand should be using Facebook Stories or not depends on your target audience and resources. If your marketing is focused within Facebook, it makes sense to test out some Facebook Stories. 

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