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take 5 with whitney

We asked Whitney, one of our senior account managers, some marketing questions. Here's what she had to say....

1. What’s the best piece of marketing advice you’ve ever heard?
Offer value to people. Consumers are selfish creatures and they want what is useful to them. Sometimes that comes in the form of free content, education, inspiration, tips, etc. The more value you offer, the more people will buy what you have to give.

2. Where do most people go wrong with their marketing?
When they try to tackle too much. More is not always better in marketing. Businesses should focus on the marketing avenues that are most likely to reach their target audience and produce the best results for their specific goals. This may mean saying no to what’s popular or trendy at the moment.

3. What aspect of marketing do you think businesses should pay more attention to?
The voice behind their brand and how they speak to consumers. Every piece of marketing should tie into an overall story. The voice and wording of that story is often overlooked.

4. What are some ways you continue to learn and challenge yourself as a marketer?
I’m always reading ads, billboards, and websites to see how other companies are talking about themselves. As a copywriter, it’s inspiring to me to see another company telling their story well. It’s also a learning experience to see when certain messaging falls flat.

5. What’s your favorite thing about working in the marketing industry?
I love the variety of clients I get to work with on a daily basis — all different kinds of industries with varying different needs when it comes to marketing. I enjoy the challenge of creating marketing strategies that effectively tell their brand story. But the best part is when those strategies come to life and we see the actual results they produce.

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