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Have you converted your website over to HTTPS yet? If not, you could be in for a not-so-great surprise this month. Google has announced that Chrome browsers will now show a red "Not Secure" alert on non-HTTPS websites whenever users try to fill out a form on the site (including Contact Us forms). It will also show for all visitors visiting the website in incognito mode. This warning previously only appeared on non-HTTPS websites if a users tried to enter a credit card or username and password. By rolling it out to all forms on all non-HTTPS websites, Google is firmly pushing website owners into the HTTPS camp. This is all part of a larger effort from Google to make websites more secure.

Our Take:

  • Because Google is making HTTPS a priority, we believe you should too. Google has control over search results so going against the grain here could put your SEO at a disadvantage.
  • Converting to HTTPS will not only make your website more secure but will also prevent users from seeing scary warning signs when they come to your website.
  • Not sure if your website is HTTP or HTTPS? Talk to your web developer to get started.

Instagram has rolled out a polling feature specifically for Instagram Stories. Brands and users can now add a poll button to their stories (found under the Stickers section) that allows viewers to vote on a question or topic. Poll results last for 24 hours, just like the story itself, and track the number of votes for each option as well as who voted.

Our Take:

  • This is a pretty cool feature, especially for brands on the platform, since they can now ask questions and receive answers in real time.
  • Users can only choose between two options which means businesses will have to tightly drill down on what they want to gather information on.
  • With over 250 million daily active users, Instagram Stories is becoming a huge player in the marketing and advertising arena. Features that encourage engagement, like the interactive poll sticker, are a good tool for marketers on Instagram to keep in their back pocket.

Online shopping forecasts
Several reports are projecting an upward swing in the number of online holiday sales this year, as well as the amount of money that will be spent. Last year was the first year that Black Friday sales surpassed Cyber Monday in online shopping and this year is expected to be more of the same. In fact, Salesforce has predicted that this Black Friday will be the busiest digital shopping day in U.S. history.

Our Take:

  • These forecasts aren't that surprising considering the massive surge to e-commerce and online buying.
  • That said, online retailers should be prepared for this influx in holiday traffic which, by the way, starts way ahead of the actual holidays. Now is the time to sort out any bugs and cart issues.
  • Just because online shopping is having a moment doesn't mean retailers should ignore their offline messages. Studies have shown that 55% of consumers will visit a store to check out a product in person but purchase the product online later. Because there is such a cross-over here, it is important for retailers to make sure their online and offline messages are coordinated with one another.

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