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Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is any type of print or digital advertisement that is positioned outside of the consumer's home typically on a large scale. This traditionally includes billboards, wallscapes and murals, transit, and street furniture. Out-of-home advertising is an opportunity to let creativity shine to provide long-lasting and clear messages on a large-scale, impactful space for your audience that is "on the go". This form of advertising is a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and uninterrupted engagement through visually appealing and attractive mediums. If you've ever been torn between spending your advertising budget towards out-of-home advertising, here are a couple of reasons why it is a great return on investment. 

Tangible and powerful

Unlike other traditional forms of advertising like radio or TV, outdoor media is tangible, making it powerful. Advertisements that are tangible create trust and credibility compared to other digital channels. When we think of billboard ads, we tend to think of big and popular brands that have established their credibility and legitimacy. By investing in OOH advertising, consumers who see your product, service, or brand will perceive your company as one that is credible and trustworthy as well. 


To successfully impact consumers that are on the go, the key is to communicate clear and simple messages that are easy to retain and quickly understood. This means creativity has no limits in out-of-home advertising. Because out-of-home advertising is designed to only be seen for a split second, creativity has no limits. It opens the doors for clever and remarkable designs that are extremely memorable that will increase brand awareness among viewers.


With an advertisement so large and, sometimes so tall, it usually stands alone with an unobstructed view, meaning your ad is bound to be placed in a consumer's line of sight. Unlike other traditional and digital advertisements, out-of-home is unterrupted and users can't "turn it off" by fast-forwarding, scrolling, or skipping. Better yet, viewers say that out-of-home advertisements are less intrusive and are much more impactful and engaging. 

Instantly grow audience

Though audiences are not targeted based on demographic research, the benefit to this is that your company is now reaching audiences that you may have not considered reaching before. OOH advertising instantly grows your audience and expands reach. 

Your company is bound to reap the benefits of investing in out-of-home advertising and feel confident that your company will have a positive ROI. OOH advertising is known to generate more online activity per dollar spent than taditional advertising such as radio or television. Maxmize your advertising dollars spent by investing in OOH advertising and see how your brand recognition, audience, and credibility grow through creative and memorable ad placement. 

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