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Got a minute? Check out our quick update on what’s happening in the industry.

Instagram Stories is upping the incentive for advertisers by tripling the number of posts in a Story ad. Instead of the standard one photo or video, the new “carousel ads” are made up of three consecutive photos or videos. The new expanded format is not yet available to all advertisers.

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The start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to get organized at the office and set yourself up for a more successful year. If anyone knows the importance of organization, it's an account manager. So we brought together the account managers at Addison Clark to share their best tips for prioritizing and organizing their day. 

Here's what they said....

Start your morning on the right foot.
How you start your workday is just as important as what you accomplish throughout it. That's why one of our top suggestions is to avoid the tendency of jumping straight into work as soon as you come into the office. It seems counter-productive, but addressing what’s at the top of your inbox without taking time to prioritize can lead to a whirlwind day of reactive tasks, rather than proactive.

Our Advice: Take a few minutes at the start of your day to check and update your to-do list. Go through your inbox to see if other requests have come in and schedule them accordingly on your to-do list.

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Got a minute? Check out our quick update on what's happening in the industry.

Facebook recently published a report on how people use social tools in the purchasing process. It surveyed the top 5 reasons why people use Facebook while in a store. The answers included:

1. Browsed because I was bored
2. Communicated about a topic not related to shopping
3. Read product reviews
4. Compared prices
5. Shared photos/videos taken in the store

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We always advise our clients on the best practices in their marketing but in this episode of Our Two Cents, we're discussing what NOT to do.

Think over-doing your website's homepage, sharing unprofessional posts on LinkedIn, and not having business cards. We also give you a few of our best pieces of marketing advice to round it out. 

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At the end of each year, Google publishes their Year In Search, detailing some of the most prominent topics people searched for throughout the year. Hurricane Irma, the new iPhone, and celebrities like Matt Lauer and Meghan Markle topped the list for 2017. You can view the full list here.

What was most interesting to us were the consumer behavior insights that Google discovered amid these searches. According to Think With Google, Google’s research division, people were more curious, more demanding, and more impatient in 2017 than ever before. As we enter a new year, marketers and business owners would be wise to take note of these behaviors when it comes to connecting with customers on the web and social media.

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Got a minute? Check out our quick update on a recent Facebook announcement.

Facebook is shifting its goal of helping people find relevant content to a new mission: helping people have more meaningful social interactions. What does this mean for your news feed? Less content from businesses and more content from friends, family, and groups. Facebook says this change will reduce the reach of business pages across the platform, particularly posts that are unpaid or “organic”. 

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New marketing trends are constantly emerging that you need to know. This is especially true when it comes to mobile marketing.

Here are a couple of stats for you:

  • More than half of all consumers use mobile devices for anything they do online.
  • The average time spent browsing on a smartphone is 87 hours per month in the U.S.

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Was your New Year's resolution to focus on improving your marketing strategy? Are you considering expanding your strategy into social media? You should! Today, we want to dive into a few benefits of social media for your brand. 

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Got a minute? This week's Marketing Minute is all about Facebook's new content penalization announcement.

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that they will penalize Page owners who ask for post engagement through certain calls-to-action (CTAs), such as "Like this post if you agree" or "Share with a friend for a chance to win". Facebook calls these types of posts "engagement bait" — encouraging followers to engage on a post in order to increase reach. In their announcement, Facebook warns that brands who use this tactic will have the total reach of all of their posts reduced. This new penalty, however, will not apply to posts that "ask people for help, advice, or recommendations, such as circulating a missing child report, raising money for a cause, or asking for travel tips."

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How many survey requests have you gotten in the past month? If it’s anything like my inbox, I’m guessing the answer is SEVERAL, or maybe even too many to count. I had one from Google, one from my kid’s pediatrician, one from the YMCA, etc. There is a good reason that I am receiving these surveys – because the organizations that are sending them are looking for feedback and insights into their customer’s experience. They can use that information to learn what they are doing well, what they can improve on, and most importantly, how they can use the data to attract more business.

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