gilman logoGilman Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has been serving Virginia since 1917. Even in the early days of heating and air conditioning, Gilman’s number one priority was their customers’ comfort. As their business grew, they became a leading name throughout the state, known for their quality workmanship and good work ethic. In 2015, Addison Clark partnered with Gilman to provide a wide range of digital and branding services.


In 2017, Gilman Heating, Cooling & Plumbing reached a rare milestone: their 100th year in business. They turned to Addison Clark to help them celebrate this centennial event with their customers and staff to further solidify name recognition and build community engagement.


Addison Clark worked closely with the owner of Gilman to develop a marketing strategy that would celebrate this milestone. The creative team developed custom graphics and compelling copy while account leaders put a plan of action together. These new elements were used across all of their marketing channels to promote the occasion. Contests and giveaways were planned to induce audience engagement and promote Gilman’s name in the marketplace. Email campaigns and direct mail pieces were designed, created, and scheduled throughout the summer to mark the event, bringing reminders and special offers straight to the customer.


As a result of the efforts of the Addison Clark team, Gilman, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing celebrated their centennial birthday in style. The contests, giveaways, and specials drew attention to Gilman’s milestone event with participants from all over the Richmond area. Gilman was able to engage with their community directly, giving back through various specials and discounts as a way of saying thank you. Name recognition grew as a result of the multi-faceted approach and their email distribution greatly increased.

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