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Hollywood Cemetery is a fully operational historic cemetery in Richmond, Virginia. It is the final resting place for two American presidents, six Virginia governors, two Supreme Court justices, and thousands of Confederate soldiers. Its natural beauty, laid out in the style of a garden cemetery, has earned its recognition as a registered arboretum. As a popular tourist destination, Hollywood Cemetery has become the second most-visited cemetery in the nation, right behind Arlington National Cemetery. Hollywood hired Addison Clark to act as their agency for all marketing needs, including web design and development, social media marketing, design services, and print placement.



Although Hollywood Cemetery is a well-known historic site, many are unaware that it is still — to this day — a working cemetery with many interment options available. Hollywood needed to change the perception many had of the cemetery, without neglecting its rich history and historic past. They also needed a modern way of engaging the public to further the support and preservation of the cemetery through grants and donations. 



Working as their full-service marketing agency, Addison Clark created a consistent brand for Hollywood Cemetery across a wide variety of print and online mediums. A centralized theme of "Take Your Place In History" helped to brand the cemetery as a working cemetery while also addressing their historic past. Our creative team handles print marketing and advertising placement for the cemetery, in order to better inform the public on what Hollywood has to offer. We also work in conjunction with an outside firm to create interactive portions of Hollywood Cemetery's website, including virtual tours and genealogy search.



As a result of their advertising and web presence, the perception of Hollywood has changed as the public becomes more aware of their offerings. Social media engagement has sky-rocketed and continues to grow as Hollywood engages both young and old. The engagement of an online audience has allowed the cemetery to further their message of lot, crypt, and niches sales, as well as the need for preservation donations. Since 2008, the cemetery's non-profit support group has been able to raise more than $3.18 million to go towards monument and fence restoration, record digitization, grounds maintenance, and new overlooks. 

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