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Loadrunners logo

Load Runners, a division of Osborn, is a product line of precision bearings and rollers that are used to move items smoothly through a machine or process. These uniquely engineered products are manufactured in Indiana and used in dozens of industries and applications around the world. With over 40 years in the market, Osborn’s Load Runners division was positioned as an industry leader in idler roller and cam follower innovation. Each of their products was originally developed as a specialty item to meet the requirements of specific client applications and their unique environments. Over time, the Load Runners product was made available to all industries but continued to be customized to meet the specific needs of customers.



Osborn was looking for a way to differentiate Load Runners from the competition and increase brand loyalty. They decided to implement a bright blue end-cap on their roller products to help them stand out from similar products in the marketplace. Although the new end-cap was a start, Osborn needed a way to explain the color change and promote it within the market.



Osborn engaged their marketing agency, Addison Clark, to create a brand strategy around Load Runners’ new look and help guide them in its release. Using color symbolism and Osborn's existing brand values, Addison Clark developed a brand story around the new look that centered on strength, dependability, and trustworthiness – all important qualities that are needed in the high-impact environments that Osborn supports. With the brand story as a foundation, Addison Clark helped with content creation, marketing collateral design, and brand updates to help explain the new look to Load Runners’ audience. With a brand strategy to guide them and the support of thoughtful graphic design pieces, Osborn was able to unveil the new look of their Load Runners product in a planned and cohesive way.



Because of the implemented brand strategy, Osborn was able to release their updated Load Runners product without consumer confusion. The blue end-caps gave them an edge in a commodity-based marketplace, increasing interest in the product by 26% and improving brand loyalty as a result of the color differentiator.

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