The Coleman Institute - Advanced Center for Addiction Treatment

The Coleman Institute (TCI) helps patients with addiction on their road to recovery through innovative detoxification and recovery programs with a revolutionary 98% success rate. The Coleman Institute hired Addison Clark in May 2012 to take over the management of their comprehensive marketing program.


The Coleman Institute has a network of treatment facilities across the United States. This requires a comprehensive marketing strategy that drives site traffic and search engine rankings on a national scale. Because they offer such a complex product, they needed their message to be relayed in an understandable way to a diverse group of people. Their website also needed to convert a large number of its visitors into contacts.

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By getting to know The Coleman Institute and their services, Addison Clark has become an integrated part of their team. As their full-service agency, we are able to develop and manage numerous marketing efforts for them including web design, search engine marketing, SEO, data analytics, consulting, social media, print marketing, and, most recently, re-branding. The comprehensive nature of Addison Clark’s services for the Coleman Institute has helped to present a cohesive, unified brand throughout all of their marketing endeavors.


Since engaging Addison Clark, The Coleman Institute’s web conversions have more than doubled. They have set company records in terms of monthly revenue and number of patients. We have introduced and deployed a number of new technologies that have increased patient conversions and helped operations run more effectively. Our full-service approach to The Coleman Institute allows them to focus on what they do best: helping people get clean and stay clean.

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