wp logoWhitestone Partners is a boutique consulting firm based in Richmond, Virginia. They work with businesses to define their challenges and overcome them. Some of their services include teaching businesses how to hire the right people, increase cash flow, and improve employee performance. They hired Addison Clark to redesign their website.


As a business consulting firm, Whitestone Partners competes with hundreds of similar firms online. They needed to stand out among their competition, as well as rank higher on popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Addison Clark restructured Whitestone Partners website to become more SEO friendly. By using appropriate keywords, meta-tags and URL structure, Addison Clark was able to optimize their website to induce higher rankings.


As a result of their search engine based web design, Whitestone Partners is #1 in organic rankings on Google for a highly competitive term. Despite their wide array of competition, Whitestone Partners’ website is the leading business consultant firm result online.

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