Andrew Rountree

Co-Founder | Managing Partner | The Grizzled Vet

  • Took up a new sport in his 50s
  • Has donned a Mr. Peanut costume (not at Halloween)
  • Believes the ‘80s is the most awesome decade ever
  • His baseball walk-up song would be Thunderstruck - AC/DC

For Andrew, “50(ish) is the new 20”. He has worked in the realm of marketing for more than 30 years, with companies such as Frito-Lay, NBC 12 and Capital One. Andrew uses his experience to determine the marketing approach that will exceed business goals for each client. He is obsessed with analyzing data and getting the best results for our clients. When Andrew is not at the office, he is spending quality time with his lovely wife, fencing or visiting his three kids.

Learn more about Andrew on his LinkedIn page.